I am so grateful for Innomax Home Solutions. To be honest I had very little hope of buying my own home again. The truth is that we can all be just one illness away from bad credit. I called innomax and talked to Jon feeling that it would be just another banker that would be a dead end. He was instantly positive. Treated me with respect. We talked for a long time about the house. I was completely honest with Jon about my credit. He wanted to know what I could afford. His concern was for me. Not the bottom line. He worked with me on down payment and monthly payments. I now own my own home thanks to (Jon) Innomax. I would urge all to call Innomax first no matter what your situation is. No judgement. If you are wanting to purchase your own home make that call.

- M. Emerson, Iowa

I learned about Innomax from searching for property on Google search. I was looking to something for rent and was amazed that I was able to lease-to-own this property with no hassle what so ever. Jon Kikel was a very nice man who did everything in his power to help me and my family. My advice for anyone having trouble buying a home that is affordable is to call Innomax.

My home has 4 bedrooms and is a fixer upper, however, its mostly cosmetic. Jon Kikel is a God send in my opinion!!! He has been a pleasure to work with and I thank God everyday for him because no one else wanted to help my family. Everyone else told me my credit wasn’t good enough, they didn’t have enough bedrooms for my family, or you don’t make enough income and the list goes on and on.

– A Tripp, Grantsboro NC

I was researching homes for about a year and finally saw a home that caught my attention. I called the phone number and reached Jon. That was the first time I heard about Innomax. He gave me information on the home and Innomax. I did research and found out it was a legitimate business that helps folks own a home. After checking out the home I made the decision to go forward and see if I qualified. Jon was up front and explained everything. In less than 2 days the home was mine. I was so happy.

There was work to be done on the house, but it has been well worth it. It’s been an investment in my own home. Jon has been very supportive and answered any questions I had. Being a home owner is the greatest. There’s no doubt that Jon and Innomax provide a process that is legitimate and helps folks have a home of their own. Anything worth having in life requires work. Taking a home that needs some minor work and making it your own is a great feeling. Jon and Innomax homes are a blessing in my life.

Anyone considering buying a home should talk to Jon. He will be honest and help you through the process. You just have to be willing to get your paperwork done and back to Jon in a timely manner. Be honest about your situation and be willing to put some work in your home. Having the chance to own a home is a blessing.

– I. Sims, Great Falls SC

I have had a great experience with your company. I found out about Innomaxhs on Craigslist. When I found the listing for my home in Ohio, at first I didn’t believe it was real due to the pricing, so I looked at a few more listings. After about a couple of months of searching I came across the listing for my home again, so I called. I reached Jon. While talking to Jon he was very professional and I did not feel like I was being scammed. He made me feel secure especially being that this is my first time purchasing a home. I did a little research and decided to go with the deal. The process was quick and easy and one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I would recommend anyone to purchase through your company

A. Lester, Toledo OH

From the first time I found Innomax on the internet until we received the keys they were there day or night to answer our questions. I decided to buy from Jon because he got things done and was willing to work with my unique situation. I would highly recommend Innomax to my friends. It was a pleasant surprise for someone to say YES instead of continually getting declined by everyone that just goes by credit and “numbers”. Thank you again Jon and Innomax for all your help. This was the perfect home for my family!

– M. Demrest, Monet MO

“My family and I had been renting for several years in the Western Ky area. After trying several times to purchase a home through conventional methods, with no success, we had given up. Then I saw an ad in Craigslist for a house for sale in the perfect area. It said it was Rent to own. I figured it would be another dead end. But thanks to Jon Kikel at Innomax Home Solutions my family and I are living happily in our very own house.

Jon was very personable and very easy to work with. He always returns phone calls and has answers for any questions. He has been very helpful. Jon made the purchase of our home simple. We are very grateful.”

– H. Wellman, Paducah KY

We were so lucky to be able to buy our home from Innomax Solutions, especially when we did. Our Landlords are getting pretty old, and had been hinting around that, in case something happened to one of them, that they were going to sell the place. Our credit wasn’t good enough to buy that place. For some reason, I got on the internet and looked around for a place, and I saw the ad for our house. I still can’t believe we were the ones that got to buy the place. It needed repairs, but I knew my husband could do them. He knew how to remodel and do most plumbing and other repairs. We feel much better knowing that the money we are putting into this place is going into our home. Thank you, Jon Kikel and Innomax!

– The Wiseman Family, Bainbridge OH

This home has brought us all so much happiness. We have all gotten a lot closer by spending so much time together building our dream home.I don’t really know if I could ever explain to anyone how wonderful Jon has been to me and my family. I doubt I have ever met a nicer man. Anytime that I have ever had a question or concern or any problem, I make one phone call to Jon, and I get the quickest response.Everything I have ever asked about, I got a straight, direct and quick response. If I had a problem, it was resolved in minutes. I am so very thankful to Jon and Innomax Home Solutions for everything they have done for our family. Working with you to purchase our home has been one of the best decisions we have ever made! Thank you so much.

– The Lindsay’s, Pendelton SC

I recently purchased my first home from Jon at Innomax Home Solutions. The whole experience has been nothing short of amazing. The help he gave us with getting the paperwork filled out and his constant commitment to our satisfaction with the home has made my family very happy we made the purchase.We would have had trouble getting a traditional mortgage but the team at Innomax has made us feel comfortable in our home purchase. The house we bought needed some minor repairs but Innomax Home Solutions has been supportive of our repair process and the results have been nothing short of spectacular. I would recommend Jon at Innomax Home Solutions to anyone looking to purchase a home. Thank you for making our home owning dream a reality!

– E. Rising, Glen Campbell PA

In January 2014 my wife and I started looking at options of cutting down our rent payment which was $1100 a month. We needed a home big enough for 5 kids, 2 of which are disabled. While searching the internet I stumbled upon the residence in Salisbury NC. I knew there would be repairs to be done, but I felt like I could handle them. Our challenge was getting someone to overlook some of the negatives on our credit.Working with Jon at Innomax Solutions has been very pleasant, and his company gave us a chance by trusting us to purchase the home. When all the repairs all totally completed our family will have plenty of space for daily living. Going from a house of 1800 sq feet to a house of 2400 sq feet for half the payment was a dream come true. Thanks Jon to you and Innomax Solutions for believing in us.

– Robert & Amanda Wilder, Salisbury NC