Our Core Values

Honesty, Integrity, Trust & Value


Innomax Home Solutions LLC is a family owned and operated real estate investment company based in Carlsbad, CA. We are a Better Business Bureau (BBB) accredited business.

Our goal is to help aspiring homebuyers who’ve previously been turned down due to weak documentation, insufficient down payment, low credit scores, or an inability to meet strict lending guidelines realize their dream of homeownership. We believe everyone deserves a chance to live the American dream even if they have less than ideal credit or job history.

We are committed to helping Americans by giving them the opportunity to own a home they otherwise might not qualify for. We help them to reduce their housing expenses and improve overall financial stability. Through our affordable homeownership programs we’re able to revitalize communities by converting vacant properties into owner occupied homes.






Jon has over 10 years experience in real estate investing, acquisitions and asset management. He has previously worked as an Asset Manager and Portfolio Manager for 2 fortune 500 companies. Jon was responsible for overseeing distressed asset portfolios valued over 100M. Since 2007 he has facilitated the acquisition, asset management & disposition of over 2000 distressed assets nationwide.




Heather is a licensed real estate agent with over six years industry experience. Prior to joining the Innomax team, she was a regional manager for two Fortune 500 companies. Heather’s background includes developing and implementing marketing and operations programs in a broad range of organizations. She graduated Magna Cum Laud from Arizona State University with a BS in Interdisciplinary Studies. She also completed courses at Chapman University toward her MBA.

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Operations Consultant

Michael's career journey began as a professional musician. For 25 years he backed artists from around the world. Michael moved to Michigan from Southern California. The bicycle was his primary form of transportation until a car vs bicycle accident set him on a new path. Michael purchased a house over the internet, and said goodbye to sunny California. Trailer in tow, he arrived in Grosse Pointe, MI.. To his joy, he made an excellent choice, and has since parlayed that home into other properties. Recently re-married, he and his wife spend their spare time is spent touring the region in a camper, on their bicycles exploring nearby communities and restaurants, or involved with a combined family of five adult children.



Director of Sales and Asset Management

Alexandria (Alex) joined the Innomax team in 2016 as our Director of Sales and Asset Management. She has over 15 years of underwriting, sales and REO asset management experience. Her previous roles include management from three Fortune 500 companies. Alexandria is a graduate from Southern Methodist University in Dallas, TX with a BA in International Studies and a minor in Spanish and Latin American Studies. She has also completed courses at Incarnate Word University toward her MBA.


M. Demrest

Monet MO

“From the first time I found Innomax on the internet until we received the keys they were there day or night to answer our questions. I decided to buy from Jon because he got things done and was willing to work with my unique situation. I would highly recommend Innomax to my friends. It was a pleasant surprise for someone to say YES instead of continually getting declined by everyone that just goes by credit and “numbers”. Thank you again Jon and Innomax for all your help. This was the perfect home for my family!”

M. Emerson


“I am so grateful for Innomax Home Solutions. To be honest I had very little hope of buying my own home again. The truth is that we can all be just one illness away from bad credit. I called innomax and talked to Jon feeling that it would be just another banker that would be a dead end. He was instantly positive. Treated me with respect. We talked for a long time about the house. I was completely honest with Jon about my credit. He wanted to know what I could afford. His concern was for me. Not the bottom line. He worked with me on down payment and monthly payments. I now own my own home thanks to (Jon) Innomax. I would urge all to call Innomax first no matter what your situation is. No judgement. If you are wanting to purchase your own home make that call.”

A. Lester

Toledo OH

“I have had a great experience with your company. I found out about Innomaxhs on Craigslist. When I found the listing for my home in Ohio, at first I didn’t believe it was real due to the pricing, so I looked at a few more listings. After about a couple of months of searching I came across the listing for my home again, so I called. I reached Jon. While talking to Jon he was very professional and I did not feel like I was being scammed. He made me feel secure especially being that this is my first time purchasing a home. I did a little research and decided to go with the deal. The process was quick and easy and one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I would recommend anyone to purchase through your company.”

The Wiseman Family

Bainbridge OH

“We were so lucky to be able to buy our home from Innomax Solutions, especially when we did. Our Landlords are getting pretty old, and had been hinting around that, in case something happened to one of them, that they were going to sell the place. Our credit wasn’t good enough to buy that place. For some reason, I got on the internet and looked around for a place, and I saw the ad for our house. I still can’t believe we were the ones that got to buy the place. It needed repairs, but I knew my husband could do them. He knew how to remodel and do most plumbing and other repairs. We feel much better knowing that the money we are putting into this place is going into our home. Thank you, Jon Kikel and Innomax!

E. Rising

Glen Campbell PA

“I recently purchased my first home from Jon at Innomax Home Solutions. The whole experience has been nothing short of amazing. The help he gave us with getting the paperwork filled out and his constant commitment to our satisfaction with the home has made my family very happy we made the purchase.We would have had trouble getting a traditional mortgage but the team at Innomax has made us feel comfortable in our home purchase. The house we bought needed some minor repairs but Innomax Home Solutions has been supportive of our repair process and the results have been nothing short of spectacular. I would recommend Jon at Innomax Home Solutions to anyone looking to purchase a home. Thank you for making our home owning dream a reality!”


We offer Americans the opportunity to own a home for less than average rents. Our “lease to own” programs have low down and monthly payments. When you buy from us a portion of every payment is credited toward the purchase price.